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With the Acorn Partner Programme

In this international market, our stairlifts are market leaders in technology and design, offering a full range of safety and comfort features. They are simply the best product to recommend to your customers.

About Acorn

Worldwide studies show that the population is ageing, with up to 30% over the age of 65 in some or most countries. As a result, market awareness of the stairlift sector is growing rapidly. This raised awareness will lead to a sufficient increase in demand and will consequently drive both sales and commission higher.

Acorn Stairlifts are international market leaders in terms of technology and design and our stairlifts offers a full range of securtity and comfort features. Our stairlifts are quickly and easily installed yet easy to maintain. Safety is key with our stairlifts and Acorn prides itself on designing stairlifts with many beneficial safety features.

Acorn Stairlifts operates internationally and has built many successful partnerships with local businesses worldwide. While doing so we've delivered peace of mind to thousands of satisfied customers, as well as delivering a market leading product.

Please call us or simply register on here, submit a referral and for each one that's sold, you earn a generous commission. Easy.

How can we afford to do it?

Acorn's stairlifts are designed and manufactured completely by Acorn. That means that at every stage of their production, we can control costs and ensure that the quality is to our high standards. By controlling the whole process, we are able to reduce costs and cut out the "middle man".

This means that we can pass these savings on to our dealers, partners and customers. In becoming the market leader, we've also ensured that the process of surveying, installing and maintaining our stairlifts have the same measure of quality and have built a network of surveyors and engineers local to you.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you're helping us sell stairlifts, we can save on advertising. You probably know that advertising is an expensive business. By saving on those costs, we can offer greater commission.

  • We're simply using our marketing budget to pay you instead of adverts.
  • We manufacture - you receive the 'middleman' costs instead of paying them.
  • We have surveyors and engineers local to you.
  • We are specialists - we only sell stairlifts.